Process & Pricing

Our process uses a patented and powerful extraction system that will extract and kill dust mites, and other sediments that have been accumulating in your mattress.  This is a chemical free odorless process that is safe for children and pets.

All Mattress and Upholstery Sanitizing include thorough vacuuming with a Unique System that Uses Water to Clean Yet Gets Nothing Wet. It Captures and Holds All Dust Mites, Dirt and Allergens by sucking them into a contained water basin and only releases purified air that is 99.997% pure.

Every other system is based on a DRY method of cleaning as they use a dry bag or filter system. These bags and or filter have holes that release a large percentage of what it picks up and blows it right back into the air you breathe. Remember dust mites and their fecal dropping are microscopic and will pass through any dry bag or filter. Water is our filter which is why it captures everything because there are no holes in water! With our system as we are Sanitizing Your Mattresses and Upholstery we are also purifying the air in your home (not polluting your home like those dry systems) as our machine is also a Certified Air Purification System.

Our Process VS. Steam Cleaning

The Idaho Mite Buster Process

  • Dry, chemical-free, no toxins
  • Neutralizes odor inducing bacteria
  • No drying time required
  • No need to remove the mattress
  • No moisture to penetrate mattress
  • Completely portable system
  • Safe on all types of mattresses & pillows and upholstery
  • Quick application time
  • Color safe, no bleaching agents
  • No set up time required
Steam Cleaning Process

  • Wet, steam plus toxic cleaning agents
  • Can result in musty smell coming from inside the mattress
  • Requires 2-3 days for drying
  • May damage surrounding areas and box spring
  • Traps moisture inside the mattress which promotes the growth of mold and mildew.
  • May require cumbersome truck mounted unit
  • Can not be used on memory foam mattress or pillows
  • 30-40 minute application time
  • Can induce fading and color variations
  • Equipment set up required
Mattress Size Price
King $59.95
Queen $54.95
Full $44.95
Single $39.95
Crib $34.95
Upholstery Price
1 Seater $19.95
2 Seater $39.95
3 Seater $49.95
L-Shaped Couch $59.95

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